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Suggested readings week 38/2022

Suggested readings week 38/2022

Alice and Bob travel by car

Hacking modern vehicles during their electrical battery charging sessions.


Disruption, according to Christensen

Clayton M. Christensen authored his Theory of Disruptive Innovation in a book published in 1997, and since then The Innovator's Dilemma has been considered one of the most important business books. Here he was interviewed by Sloan Management Review in 2020, weeks before his death that sadly interrupted a continuous and inspiring flow of ideas.


The sexy job

In very simple words, this essay published in 2012 explained how Data Scientists where about to become engaged in emerging and interesting jobs, and still they are from many points of view. I find this really usefull for building a simple and effective explanation of what Artificial Intelligence can do in all sort of industries.


Cars are over

The age of "the car is king" is over.