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Food for Though is an independent publication launched in June 2022 by Stefano Costa. It's open for reading to anyone, without subcsription. If you subscribe today, you'll get an email newsletters about new content once per week. Your subscription allows Food for Though to continue to exist, by giving motivation and feedback to Stefano. Thank you!


The aim of this publication is giving suggestions for reading (or watching videos, and hearing podcasts) on a weekly basis. It's a distilled list of what's worth reading in the areas of Biotech, Software Development, General Innovation, Climate Change Threats from the very personal view of Stefano.


Published pages include an archive of past newsletters content, aggregated in one page per year.

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Who's Stefano Costa?

I'm an experienced and curious innovator, founder and Director of Engineering at Bluewind srl: an independent design house developing the electronics and software inside products we use every day, as a service to big corporations mainly in Europe.

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