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Suggested readings week 37/2022

Suggested readings week 37/2022

State of the Union: New EU cybersecurity rules

September 15th, 2022 will be known as a lamdmark day: the European Commission presents a proposal for a new Cyber Resilience Act.

The Act aims at protecting consumers and businesses from products with inadequate cybersecurity features.

This is a first ever European Union wide legislation of its kind, containing mandatory cybersecurity requirements for products with digital elements, throughout their whole lifecycle.

first ever: the first one for all consumer products, to be now adopted by all countries (specific rules already exist for Vehicles, Medical to name a few);

mandatory cybersecurity requirements: to be adopted now by all countries;

digital elements: all products that contain digital parts, either connected to the Internet or not.

Stay tuned for solutions, consultancies and penetration/remediation services business rise!




Defects of Software

A great philosopher discusses about defects of software, and somehow their onthology.

A great takeway from this paper by Luciano Floridi is that wording and onthology is important, event for technical and specific stuff. Never take for granted that the meaning of a description is shared.


Climate unchange

Some reasons for hope.