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Suggested readings week 52/2022

Suggested readings week 52/2022


Our lab is interested in origins of life, the biology of early Earth and how understanding life’s emergence and early mechanisms may assist finding life beyond Earth.

What a wonderful description for a research laboratory! This is Betul Kacar, assistant professor and research group leader at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Department of Bacteriology.

She's looking for ancient signals out of the noise produced by life, both on Earth and from the Space. She talks with Lex Fridman about biology as a science of the past and of the future.


Too many books

A wonderful and opinionated collection of book titles for the engineer and scientist to discover disciplines, topics and connections. What I find interesting here is the time span is really huge and still most of the suggestions seem difficult to ignore.

I just want to cite The Society of Minds by Marvin Minsky (1986) out of this list. Marvin was pioneering Artifical Intelligence studies in the '60s and was granted the Turing Award in 1969 for his work on perceptrons, at the foundations of modern Machine Learning applications.


Too many podcasts

The best podcasts search engine: digging out of podcats episodes can be time consuming, and a search engine with this quality and completeness is an invaluable tool.

It's blog section is also a source of information for anyone in the business of creating Software as a Service (SaaS) related applications.


Clima from space

Space economy has grey shades when it comes to the infinite resources needed for sending humans out there. But space can be key to giving images and numbers to what we as humans are doing to Earth.

Have a look at Climate change and Food security chapters in this Space Economy forecast of the near future.