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Suggested readings week 51/2022

Suggested readings week 51/2022


Rising interest for the case for a Decentralized Internet.

This is how Internet should have been developed: as a decentralized group of information producers and consumers. While it evolved to a decentralized system of physical seervers owned by a few information producers and influencers, and a few data grabbers and consumers.

We have now more options for building decentralized services and paradigms on the Internet.



How to read a paper

Researchers produce and read papers. Writing is difficult, while reading is tricky.



Estimating complex work is possible.

Producing precise and immutable estimates is an intrinsically wrong idea. Esimates are fairly good guesses and a lot of biases should be taken into account when evaluating the possibility that a guess turns into reality.


Clima Business

These startups offer commercial solutions to decarbonize society or remove carbon from the atmosphere. By doing this at speed and scale, we have a fair chance of avoiding catastrophic climate change.