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Suggested readings week 42/2022

Suggested readings week 42/2022

History of CRISPR

Geoff Ralston is President at YCombinator. He studied Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford in the early years of Internet. His curiosity and knowledge on several modern technologies makes the difference in identifying good sources of profitable investments.


Software Design Patterns

From a masterpiece on architecture published by Christopher Alexander, a lot of elaborations came in the past years about Software Development and Patterns. Actually, any engineering practice and not only Software Design can benefit from recognising and leveraging Patterns and Models.

Patterns of events are always interlocked with certain geometric patterns in the space

This is a beautiful collection of thoughts on the work of Christopher Alexander and his (unintended) influence in Software Engineering.


Blockchain and vehicles

V2X is the acronyn for "Vehicle to X" or "Vehicle Communicatino to Anything". It refers to the ability of modern cars to make use of information coming from and exchanged with a lot of other partners: other cars, road signs and sensors, cloud systems and humans.

By the way among useful cloud systems is now emerging the creation of sorts of Virtual Reality (VR) out of a range of sensors including drones and satellites continuously taking pictures and videos of road scenes.

How secure can this exchange of information be? Relying on traditional centralized authorization systems is not a viable solution.


How to Bury Carbon?

It’s clear that plants have been able to contribute to really big geological events in the Earth’s history