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Suggested readings week 41/2022

Suggested readings week 41/2022

Celebrating Thinkpad

Thinkpad is now manufactured by the chinese company Lenovo. Users of this masterpiece of a Personal Computer are often unaware of the history of Thinkpad, that was born 30 years ago as one of the most successful IBM ideas and an example of an over engineered but yet wildely successful product.


New ways for keeping trains apart

What seems like the normal use case of a GPS system, is now under scrutiny due to the difficult practical consequencies of a system based on long-distance (from space) radio communication.

Keeping trains apart can be relatively easily achieved by "sensing" the intrinsic differences in rails steel.  A bit of algorithms and cyberphysical can yeld even more, like determining if a track has been modified with criminal intentions.


Lego for chemistry

Nobel Prize 2022 in the field of Chemistry was assigned to a group of scientists tha perfectioned ways for joining molecules together known as click chemistry.


No water

Coming soon also in your neighborhood: a community near Scottsdale, Arizona, is running out of water.