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Suggested readings week 37/2023

Suggested readings week 37/2023

Privacy Nightmare on Wheels

Privacy Not Included (PNI) is an initiative by Mozilla global non-profit organization, that scrutinizes electronic and software products against potential privacy concerning problems.

In its latest edition a PNI bullettin reveals how twenty five car brands collect and share personal data. This includes sexual activity, facial expressions, and genetic and health information.

On a separate finding, what students from the Technische Univ. Berlin recently discovered while trying to hack a Tesla vehicle for the good of science, was that it's becoming far easier than in the past to break the protections of a car's software system and reach confidential as well as functional information and commands that of course are not intended to be available to anyone.

Adding innovative functionalities that are enabled by complex hardware and software requires companies to invest a considerable share of profits in cybersecurity, protection and ethical analysis.

Presentation Design Rules

Less Is More is the most important among the rules of a good and useful presentation design as shared by The Noun Project, a (profit) community of designers from all countries.

News about the LK-99 would-be superconductor

The LK-99 room-temperature superconductor excited the world with its potential before many scientists disproved it

Brian Wang, the founder of NextBigFuture.com and analyst for Z1 Consulting, gives here his comments on the latest buzz around superconductivity, with a bit of hope and still a lot of skepticism.

The Forever Pollution Project

Tracking PFAS pollution across Europe.