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Suggested readings week 36/2023

Suggested readings week 36/2023

Computing History at Bell Labs

No need to explain what Bell Laboratories have been for the advancement of humanity in terms of technological discoveries and use cases perfection. Most of the published stuff from the ancient years at the Bell Labs has gone from the easy of reach of its websites, but very often it still surfaces in the works of passionate professionals and from archives.

Changing the definition of an embryo

For the first time in history of science, lab-grown structures with the potential to develop into fetuses should be defined and regulated as embryos.

Hardware Security Modules Done Right

Hardware Security Modules are found inside any portable PC, mobile phone, bank security key, vehicle and all sorts of connected devices. The way they're designed is constantly under scrutiny for weaknesses.

Now this is a drastic opinion, which leads to a better way of thinking and building security. Which requires further scrutiny of course.

Cybersecurity of low-orbit satellites is pretty much absent

A PhD student admits he probably shouldn't have given this talk at Black Hat USA recently.

Black Hat was founded in 1997, and still is the internationally recognized cybersecurity event series providing the most technical and relevant information security research. Giving a talk there might propagate instantly across researchers and newsmagazines.

And this one talks about the absence of cybersecurity for objects that fly above our heads, every day, giving birth to a wealth of very useful and sometimes dramatically needed services.

Idea To Impact

A cynical-but-realistic summary of how I go from idea to impact

Published July 2015, by Kent Beck (Programmer, artist, coach coach, singer/guitarist, peripatetic). How do you measure and manage the impact of your ideas?

EU nature restoration law

MEPs back law to place recovery measures on 20% of EU’s land and sea by 2030 by dozen votes.