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Suggested readings week 35/2023

Superintelligence cannot be contained

Superintelligence is a hypothetical agent that possesses intelligence far surpassing that of the brightest and most gifted human minds.

The recent advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence and machine comptutation capabilities lead scientists, philosophers and technologists to discuss about the potential catastrophic risks posed by superintelligence.

This very profound article discusses the origins and development of such discussion and fear, while stating that containing superintelligence is indeed impossible in principle.

An exploration of the fundamental computing limits by leveraging Computability Theory leads to examining the inherent impossible simulation of superintelligence, thus the conclusion.

Scientists use quantum device to slow chemical process

One special use of quantum computer is to slow down a photo-chemical process at speeds 100 billion times slower than in nature.

How to wipe a cell's memory

In a groundbreaking study recently published in Nature, scientists show to have solved a long-standing problem in regenerative medicine: reprogramming memory in order to mimic embryonic stem cells.

Network Intruders are like Tourists

Tourists are often easy to spot because of their behaviour: looking up instead of watching in front of them.

Security experts are studying this same dynamic when dealing with computer intrusions, while preventing the devastating attacks that are often a related effect.

Why backsliding on electric vehicles?

European backsliding on electric vehicles is bad news for the climate.