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Suggested readings week 38/2023

Suggested readings week 38/2023

AI and Knowledge Workers: a study

When properly used and managed, Artificial Intelligence in the form of the likes of Generative and Large Language Models enhances knowledge workers productivity and quality, in measureable terms.

Figthting fake cheese with cryptography

Parmesan is very expensive: it does make sense to fight fakes with a bit of cryptography. In the near future perhaps more of physical unclonable functions will be found here also.


Bob Noorda was a graphic designer who lived and worked primarily in Milan, and  a professor in graphic design at several Design Schools across Europe. Among his works are the Milan and New York subways sign and image.

During his career as a designer, Noorda advocated using logos and fonts that are strongly branded while keeping a tangible usability and visibility. The Milan Metro specifically crafted fonts family is a great example of this.

Here is an example of a font family that Noorda would perhaps have appreciated. It was designed for legibility in aircraft cockpit screens, very seriously, and after being opensourced is now available for anywhere fast and secure reading is an added value. Its name B612 is after the imaginary asteroid of the aviator Saint‑Exupéry.

Career ending

I want to talk about ... not planning the end of our careers

As software egineers (and knowledge workers I'd add) career ending is easily among the unknowns to most of us.

Earth out of 'safe operating space'

According also to a report on Science, human activities have already pushed the world out of a Safe Operating Space.