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Suggested readings week 35/2022

Suggested readings week 35/2022

Blockchain economics

The foundations of Blockchain lies in the potential savings and enablings of its use in several different fields of applications. It's not trivial to get the disruptive innovation embedded here, and this paper helps understanding the basics. Interesting to check also the supplemental material for an very concise explanation of the building blocks of Blockchains.


Reference Letters and different cultures

What it's like to read reference letters for Eastern European applicants to PhD and Master's programs in Cambridge.

Starting from cultural differences and citing the super useful Culture Map book by Erin Meyer, the author of this essay (a researcher in Cambridge) gives good advices on how to ask and how to compose reference letters for teachers and students.


Voice cloning

Voice deepfake attacks on worrying rise.


The Big Picture

The Science of Climate Change in a single big picture.