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Suggested readings week 13/2023

Suggested readings week 13/2023

Empowering biotech leaders

Nucleate is a free and collaborative student-run organization that
facilitates the formation of pioneering life sciences companies.

Wow! This initiative was born from a group of students, and it works. It's a free program that enhances and inspires biotech founders, coming out of academic research with great ideas.


The Moore law

Gordon Moore, Intel Co-Founder, Dies at 94. He was a revolutionary scientist and enterpreneur.

In 1965, at the very beginning of the history of INTEL he wrote an essay that we still take for granted, but instead was a visionary one.



Coffee triangle test

Tyler Cipriani works from remote for the Wikimedia Foundation, and looks like he's got some spare time and mental resources for experimenting with coffee brewing!


Climate friendly transportation is not easy

Sorting through this contradictory rhetoric can make anyone’s head spin. My response to each proclamation is often a shrug followed by “It depends.”