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Suggested readings week 14/2023

Suggested readings week 14/2023

Agile contracting

For those who are not into software, Agile is known as a manifesto of values that was born several years ago as a way of collaborating among team members involved in the development of a new software application.

It has been tremendously succesful so far and led to reorganizing almost all software development teams across all industries.

But this is not limited to software development. Actually, several companies implement the principles of Agile manifesto for different activities, and this is also producing an effort for doing better contracting bewteen partners. This applies mostly to knowledge working, and can be greatly beneficial to the collaboration of people under some form of contract while innovating.

The following is only an example of a very interesting discussion about this topic.


LaTex and (open)Office

An interesting discussion about using LaTex in a Office oriented way of producing formatted documents.

The Microsoft Office suite and the Opensource alternatives are very good at enabling nice formatting in a matter of hours. But when it comes to collaboration, multiple formats, reuse of style, automated completion and versioning everything very soon starts being a nightmare. LaTex is one solution.


Learning Machine Learning

This course will also teach you how to systematically read research papers, generate new ideas, and present them in slides or papers.

The course book is a valuable resource by itself.


Solid state battery

Efficient energy storage is one of the challenges for saving our planet. There's plenty of options, electric battery being not a perfect one but among the promising technologies.

Several different batteries exist, that are becoming more and more sustainable from production to waste. This set of discoveries might be a big leap.