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Suggested readings week 10/2023

Suggested readings week 10/2023

Superpowered Research and Development

For a country of 69 million people, the UK benefits from an above-average share of leading universities. Its scientific talent pool runs deep. Public R&D investment has risen over the last 3 years by around 25%. And private sector R&D, though uneven, has peaks and clusters of undoubted strength.

Unfortunately spending money alone is far from effective as a measure for enhancing collaboration and progress.


Supercondictivity for the masses

When proven correct against scepticism, this scientific result might be a game changer. Looks like the track records of the research group is not among the best but let's give them a chance.



RFC: Request For Comments

A Request For Comment (RFC) is a venerable universally accepted very simple way for documenting the details and reasons of detailed design features, during an engineering work of development.

It applies mostly to software and communications protocols, but might be found also in other areas. It was very popular among communities of the Silion Valley pioneers and the huge research initiatives of the '50s.

Today we can largely  benefit from those (still lasting) experiences of public and open discussion around features, by adopting the same scheme to an internal company-wide documentation process, while envisioning some technological improvement.


Clima protection consequences

The unespected consequences of transitioning to more sustainable transportation that must be taken into account.