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Suggested readings week 5/2023

Suggested readings week 5/2023

Responsibly managing

Software design is an exercise in human relationships.

Kent Beck talks about collaboration in software development, managing people and the meaning of responsible manager. Kent (1961-) is the software engineer who created and enforced using extreme programming: a practice for a collaborative and iterative design process, and one of the original signatories of the Agile Manifesto.

Knowledge working is an exercise in human relationships. So what are the implications of the new wave of working from anywhere? Looks like the worst effects are on bosses loosing control of their role in corporations.

The role of a boss (whatever this definition might mean) in a knowledge working based corporation should be making it possible for people to express themselves at their best without loosing control of their happiness.



Authorship of an essay

People start producing very interesting takes on the meaning of writing essays, thanks to an upcoming revolution by Generative Artificial Intelligence.

OpenAI (a not-for-profit that recently started to turn into a very profitable company) showed everyone how a cleverly crafted algorithm and a lot of powerful computing can help a ton in the production of written matter. ChatGPT, or the conversational web-based application based on some sort of Artificial Intelligence, is great for composing text on any topic. The results are very often in-context and grammatically correct. Writing this paragraph with ChatGPT would give a pretty good result in terms of formal and logical correctness.

What's missing and dangerous when using such tools is developing an own opinion, and even more important: learning while writing. Very dangerous indeed.



Parking bikes underwater

Great infrastructures serve also the purpose of enforcing rules and practices for better interaction with the environment.