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Suggested readings week 47/2022

Suggested readings week 47/2022

Engineer? Learn Genomics!

This is a call for action: research in genomics needs software engineers.

Research in biology and biotechnology today relies a lot on software, algorithms and deep learning. But software development in these areas of research is poorly conducted and managed.

The idea of saving lives by researching novel ways for leveraging genomic discoveries and technologies attracts more engineers and mathematics in this field of applications.



Feynman on remembering.

The evergreen Feynman Technique for taking notes.


Correlation is not causation

The Book of Why is a wonderful idea for a book: speaks about the perception of statistics, and how wrong causation is often extracted from correlation, eventually going deep into the scientific methods of research.

This is a short review of the book, interesting read by itself.



Italy could rely on renewables.