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Suggested readings week 44/2022

Suggested readings week 44/2022

Useful useless

This funny ta.lk inspires doing useless things. Failing at inventing things teaches a lot about innovation.

Actually innovative products sometimes emerge while researching solutions to totally different problems. Not having a precise scope enforces fantasy and ingeniousness.


Smithsonian Open Access

An impressive wealth of art and information data sets released for free.


On a Board

Board members have a fiduciary responsibility, which means they are required to serve the interests of shareholders in the organizations.

The Board of Directors is the main steering committee of a company. Being part of a board is a privilege, an interesting job and also a great responsibility. This is one of the most complete explanations of the meaning of this.


Research activities can do more than this

Research in high-income and middle-income countries contributes disproportionally to a disconnect with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).