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Suggested readings week 31/2022

Suggested readings week 31/2022

Remote attestation

Remote attestation is not an easy technology to understand.

It's becoming very important and critical from a security and easy of use points of view. It's starting to be pervasive, as more and more businesses shift from ownership to pay per use. Worth understanding a bit more.


Crypto game social engineering

Social engineering is known to be the most successful way for stealing secrets from computers since ages. Kevin Mitnick (after being jailed for such practice) wrote books and built a business around how to recognise and avoid social engineering attacks.

But here's a story of a modern largely successful social engineering scheme, that could happen to anyone.



Investing in low emission industry

Investing with attention to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) leads to greenwashing. Emission should be the keyword, and of course acepting a lower (but usually more conservative) return of investment.