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Suggested readings week 27/2022

Suggested readings week 27/2022

Candy Codes! Identification of objects

Secure identification of identical objects is a concern for all industries: from coffee makers to car batteries manufacturers. Virtually identical products out of the factory need to be distinguished once they reach the consumer, for multiple reasons.

Advanced and applied research recently raised attention to cryptography and Physical Unclonable Functions, but this beats everything with ingenuity.


Exponential progress: bitcoin and blockchain

Ray Kurzweil (now chief engineer of Google) might have been a bit too visionary, but playing with the future of technology is a dangerous game

Today, we laugh at the poor technical performance of the actual Bitcoin protocol just as we grinned yesterday at the emerging web. However, we forget that it is immersed in this very same area where progress is exponential.


Bruce Schneier and electromechanical cyberattacks

The world first keylogger was deployed by Soviet spyes inside IBM Typewriters. Discovering it was a lucky break.


The Limits to Growth and remediations

The Limits to Growth report was published by Club of Rome in 1972. Dennis Meadows was one of the young authors (then 29), all of them researhers at the Massachusets Institute of Technology.

The Limits of Growth was based on computer simulations, which showed that without substantial changes in resource consumption, “a rather sudden and uncontrollable decline in both population and industrial capacity” would be the likely outcome by 2100.

It was largely rejected at that time, it proved to be largely surpassed by the events.