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Suggested readings week 25/2022

Suggested readings week 25/2022

The learning coffee machine

This is one of those Machine Learning applications that will not generate ethical discussions, hopefully. It's business as usual: how to lower the cost of a sensor and give new life to an existing product. Machine Learning helps a lot in these situations.


The rise and fall of Xerox Parc

Look, now that we’re in this digital computer business, we better damned well have a research laboratory!

And so in 1969 one of the most amazing innovation labs since forever was born. Reading once more about its evolution is inspiring, useful and surprising.


Climate disaster is coming

Man — you know, I didn’t take it seriously. What you’ve been writing about lately. We even used to make fun of it sometimes. Alarmist. LOL. But, you know. Something happened. And now…

And now temperature is rising, everywere, at an unsustainable pace for humans and properties. With peaks of seven times the normal speed in the Artic.

Stop wasting energy, stop using individual transports, stop freezing ambients, start lobbying for a change and let's hope it's not too late.