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Suggested readings week 49/2023

Suggested readings week 49/2023

The inside story of ChatGPT

The inside story of how ChatGPT was built from the people who made it

At the center of technology and research is people who dare building it.

Decades-Old Privacy Problem solved

An advancement that could lead to performing searches over the Internet in fully private mode, without ever revealing what and why we're searching.

Introduction to Cybernetics (1956)

What? Cybernetics in 1956?? And yet, this (very complicated and difficult to read) book was foundational for modern Cybernetics.

Grab a copy, understand its profoundness and try thinking how in those years must have been a shocking read.

Generative AI exists because of the transformer

The Visual Storytelling Team at Financial Times has done a great job by preparing this simple animated explanation of generative artificial intelligence.

Stealing keystrokes with 95% accuracy, during an Internet call

So basically this paper suggests that it might be possible to "read" what you type while being on an internet call (Zoom, Teams or any other) by just "hearing" the sound of keystrokes.

Climate and Energy Summit

So many international gatherings for discussing about climate change and remediations, and so little progress.