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Suggested readings week 41/2023

Suggested readings week 41/2023

Mapping Any Unknown Industry in ten steps

Steve Blank on mapping an industry for building a business plan on top of the map, in a few weeks of investigation (or lunches).

TimeGPT-1: GPT for time series

One of the trending topics in generative machine learning research is how to leverage the predictive capabilities of these algorithms for time series modeled events. Disclaimer: this is still a highly controversial discussion.

The Cell as an Embedded Computing System

In this paper, we identify the cell as an embedded computing system and, as such, demonstrate that systems biology shares many aspects in common with computer systems engineering, electrical engineering, and chemical engineering.

French government call for action on post quantum cryptography

This is one of the several different ongoing initiatives by governments, institutions, research centers and standardization bodies for the awareness of a change of paradigm in cryptography and security.

Quantum Computing is soon coming available on all desks, and with it the end of everything we know about privacy thanks to asymmetric cryptography. Not a big deal for messaging operations but the worst will happen with connected devices.

The generative world model for autonomous driving

GAIA-1 is the first proof of concept of a mind blowing idea: using a generative model for autonomous driving.

The model does not plug itself directly into the driving algorithm, but instead it builds a model of the next five to ten seconds of the external world (around the car) while autonomously driving. Great idea indeed!

Climate model approximation

Carbon warning, degradation, water cooling, everything is connected.