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Suggested readings week 33/2023

Suggested readings week 33/2023

The paradox of weak ties

The experiments showed that weak ties increase job transmissions, but only to a point, after which there are diminishing marginal returns to tie weakness.

The paper cited here is under a paywall, and I'm sure the conclusions and short abstract will light up an interest for subscribing to Science, for this and other high quality content.

The CEO of a Quantum Computing venture: an interview

Maud Vinet, CEO of Siquance, has always been in a track for leading the way in new technologies.

The Five Meetings Every CEO Should Lead

The right meetings at the right time make a difference for a modern CEO. An habit that also gives confidence that the working day was not wasted.

Breaking Superconductor News (or not?)

If this is true, a large part of climate change could be mitigated in a few decades. But the claim for room temperature superconductivity in a recently published paper (with revisions and corrections until the last few days) is really difficult to be given a credit, wthout much further study and repetition. Experts are still very skeptic.