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Suggested readings week 22/2023

Suggested readings week 22/2023

Paradigm Shift

When we talk about a Paradigm Shift we unconsciously cite Thomas Samuel Kuhn.

Thomas S. Kuhn graduated in Physics at Harvard after having been educated in progressive schools, and soon switched his interests to history and phylosophy of science. He taught at Berkley and Massachussets Institute of Technology, and authored a number of papers and books on the topic.

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions is his 1962 landmark book where he first theorized scientific advancement as a sequence of organic cumulative progress periods and revolutionary moments, also described as rules-changing Paradigm Shifts. Interesting to note that the first part of his book outlines a new approach to using history as a sort of big data repository for building knowledge.


Relay car theft and insurances

Insurers are starting to refuse to pay for car relay theft claims, and accuse drivers or of fraud.

A relay theft is a novel and rapidly rising technique that criminal use for unlocking and starting a car. It's common understanding that those criminals use a very simple and effective key fobs proximity repeater, first positioned close to your home and later used to make the car "think" that you're approaching it with keys in the pocket. Modern cars are built with the "no keys in your hands" paradigm which permits this kind of attack to be easily performed.

Researchers are also inclined to think that very often the attack is instead performed by physically cabling a small device to your car's CAN Bus (internal wiring). In any case, concerned car manufacturers should act immediatly and prevent this possibility by employing much more effective security algorithms and use models.


The death and rebirth of self driving cars

The false myth of the death of self driving cars, and the latest progresses of technology and business models in this very interesting and informed essay.


Reaching 1.5

The planet is on track to reach the 1.5 ºC average by the 2030s, but according to a report this might happen much sooner.